Calendar of Events

Please Note:  1) To see more details about an event, click on the event.  2) You can view the calendar by Week, Month, or Agenda.  3) Events are color coded, for example orange for general events, green for children's events, and pink for holiday closings.  4) For more tips on using the calendar, see  Other Tips at the bottom of this page.

Other Tips:  5) You can select which kinds of events you want to show or hide, by clicking on the "down-arrow" immediately to the right of the "Week, Month, Agenda" buttons, and then clicking the check-mark next to each kind of event on or off.  6) If you get confused about event dates using Agenda view, return to Week or Month view and click on Today.  7) Note that you can Print any calendar page.  8) Also, note that if you have a personal Google calendar at home, you can copy events from our calendar to yours.